The Ville de Montréal administers the regulation of parking spaces and the signs related to them. The site Info-Remorquage offers a detailed description of the numerous signs drivers can encounter on the streets of Montréal.

Attention! The presence of a parking sign and a parking meter does not automatically signify that parking is permitted at all times. You must always read the sign and make sure that parking is permitted at the time you wish to park.

The Pay and Go pay stations are programmed to inform the user, for each parking space, whether parking is free, prohibited or if the space is reserved.

To find out more about the advantages of the Pay and Go system, visit the Parking section.

The following is a brief reminder of the meaning of some of the signs related to parking.

sur rue icon 006  This sign indicates a zone where parking is forbidden.
sur rue icon 005 This sign means you may not stop or leave a car in the section indicated by the sign. Of course parking is also forbidden.
sur rue icon 002 This sign indicates a spot where parking is authorized only for person with disabilities. These parking spaces are equipped with adapted parking meters topped with a blue dome. A pictogram is also painted in the parking space.
sur rue icon 003 This sign means that a lane is reserved for buses and taxis for a specified period. You may not stop or park your vehicle in the reserved lane in order to keep it free for traffic.
sur rue icon 004 This little sign means that disobeying it could result in your vehicle being towed.
sur rue icon 001 This sign indicates the presence of a nearby public parking lot.