Frequenly Asked Questions : Parking

1. Do I have to pay for on-street parking on holidays?

Yes, on-street parking is in service every day.

2. Where do I call if my vehicle has been towed?

Ville de Montréal is responsible for the towing of vehicles committing an infraction.
Throughout the year: 311 or 514-872-0311
During snow removal: 514-872-3777
Online: Info-Remorquage

3. Does Stationnement de Montréal issue parking tickets?

No. Parking agents working for the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM) issue parking tickets. Stationnement de Montréal is principally concerned with planning, collection, equipment maintenance, administration and customer service.

4. What is the telephone number for the parking agents?

The telephone number for parking agent customer service is 514-280-2222.

5. I paid for my parking space but received a ticket anyway. How do I contest this?

You must fill out the not guilty Plea on the back of the parking ticket, attach the original receipt as proof of payment and send it to the Ville de Montréal. Stationnement de Montréal is not responsible for issuing tickets nor for collecting payment.

6. What do I do to obtain a resident's parking permit?

Accès Montréal offices issue parking permits for residents. Dial 311 or 514-872-0311 to obtain the telephone number of your borough office or visit the portal of the Ville de Montréal.

7. If I make an error when entering my parking space number, can Stationnement de Montréal correct it throughout their system?

No. If necessary, keep your receipt as proof of payment.

8. Why doesn't time accumulate with the new pay stations?

The Pay and Go pay stations function according to the “user pays” principle. As opposed to older parking meters, time paid for is not cumulative because the pay station treats each transaction as if it were dealing with a new customer.

9. How do I obtain a permit for one of the parking lots run by Stationnement de Montréal?

You need to call Stationnement de Montréal customer service at 514-868-3737.

10. Can I pay for my parking space via the Internet?

Yes, you can pay for your on-street parking by using a computer with an Internet connection by visiting the Web site at

11. I paid for my parking and on the screen it indicated “impression en cours” but the pay station didn't issue a receipt. Was my parking space paid for?

It is possible that the pay station might have run out of paper, which does not mean you can’t pay for a parking space. To find out whether the transaction has been accepted and what your parking expiry time is, you can call Stationnement de Montréal customer service for information at 514-868-3737.

12. If I want to prolong the length of my parking time, can I pay at any pay station?

You can pay for your parking space at any pay station where the letters and numbers of your parking space appear on the keyboard. The same letters are generally used in a sector with a three- or four-block radius. However, you must wait for your original parking time to expire before a new payment can be made.

13. I paid for an hour, and then, after all, I realized I needed two hours. Can I immediately pay for another hour?

No, time is not cumulative with the new pay stations and time is counted from the start of each new transaction. You have to wait until your original time has expired to prolong it.

14. After entering the letters and numbers of my parking space, the pay station displays “réservé” and I can't pay. Why?

The pay station displays “réservé” on the screen when an organization has taken out a permit for the occupation of public property to rent on-street parking spaces. The pay station will therefore not accept payment.

15. Can I still park if there is a coin stuck in a parking meter?

We strongly urge you to change parking spaces, because a parking ticket can be issued to counter vandalism. In this situation, we suggest you call customer service at 514-868-3737 to alert us that equipment is defective and so we can send a technician to repair it as soon as possible.

16. If a pay station is out of order and won't accept payment, can I leave my car parked where it is and not get a ticket?

When a pay station is out of order, you must pay at another station on the other side of the street or somewhere nearby. Non-payment for your parking space can result in a parking ticket. In this situation, we suggest you call customer service at 514-868-3737 to alert us that equipment is defective and so we can send a technician to repair it as soon as possible.