Maps and tarification


Off-street parking managed by Stationnement de Montréal provides 35 lots with 3,329 short-term and monthly permit parking spaces. Business hours and rates vary from one lot to another. Consult the map of off-street parking lots for business hours and rates and click on the lots for all the details.

For any question or to put yourself on a waiting list for a monthly parking spot, just one number: 514-868-3737.


Paid on-street parking is to everyone’s advantage

The role of paid on-street parking is to facilitate visits to institutional and business districts by promoting the sharing of parking spaces.

By limiting authorized parking time in very busy districts, paid on-street parking allows many drivers to use the same parking space in succession and thus, promotes better vehicle turnover and smoother traffic flow.

Montreal has four rate zones, in service every day of the week. Chargeable periods are established to stimulate vehicle turnover during business hours.

Watch out for mini-posters and instructions on parking signs and parking meters. Exceptions can apply: also check all parking signs at the place you park.

Consult the map of paid on-street parking zones for more details.

Please note: The boundaries of the paid parking zones shown on the map of paid on-street parking zones are approximate only. To check the applicable rate for a specific parking space, please refer to the rate posted on the parking terminal.

Chargeable period
Monday to Friday9 am to 9 pm
Saturday9 am to 6 pm
Sunday1 pm to 6 pm
Fee structure
Zone 1$3 per hour
Zone 2 $2.50 per hour
Zone 3 $2 per hour
Zone 4 $1.50 per hour

Fare of non-coloured zones is $1 per hour.
Rates include taxes.