1. Do I have to pay for on-street parking on holidays?

2. Where do I call if my vehicle has been towed?

3. Does Stationnement de Montréal issue parking tickets?

4. What is the telephone number for the parking agents?

5. I paid for my parking space but received a ticket anyway. How do I contest this?

6. What do I do to obtain a resident's parking permit?

7. If I make an error when entering my parking space number, can Stationnement de Montréal correct it throughout their system?

8. Why doesn't time accumulate with the new pay stations?

9. How do I obtain a permit for one of the parking lots run by Stationnement de Montréal?

10. Can I pay for my parking space via the Internet?

11. I paid for my parking and on the screen it indicated "impression en cours" but the pay station didn't issue a receipt. Was my parking space paid for?

12. If I want to prolong the length of my parking time, can I pay at any pay station?

13. I paid for an hour, and then, after all, I realized I needed two hours. Can I immediately pay for another hour?

14. After entering the letters and numbers of my parking space, the pay station displays "réservé" and I can't pay. Why?

15. Can I still park if there is a coin stuck in a parking meter?

16. If a pay station is out of order and won't accept payment, can I leave my car parked where it is and not get a ticket?

How does the service work?

1. What is P$ Mobile Service?

2. I want to join P$ Mobile Service. How can I open an account?

3. If I don't have a smartphone, can I use another type of phone to pay for a parking space?

4. How can I pay for a parking space with P$ Mobile Service?

5. Why doesn't time accumulate when I pay for the same space?

6. How many times can I pay the same parking space?

7. When will I receive the parking expiry alert by text (SMS) or e-mail?

8. I received my parking expiry alert by SMS and it proposes renewing this same parking space for one hour. Can I choose another length of time?

9. What is a notification?

10. Can I pay for a parking space located in a Stationnement de Montréal parking lot with P$ Mobile Service?

11. Can I pay for a parking space in "Parcojour" mode with P$ Mobile Service?

Subscription | Rate | Payment

12. Is there a fee for downloading the P$ Mobile Service application?

13. Is there a fee for using Stationnement de Montréal's Mobile Service?

14. Why do you add a service fee to each transaction?

15. What modes of payment are accepted?

16. When I connect to P$ Mobile Service, a window appears and prompts me to enter my postal code. Do I have to do this?

17. How can I deactivate the parking expiry alert?

18. How can I change the telephone number or the e-mail recorded in my profile?

19. How can I change my password?

20. How can I deactivate my profile?

21. I would like to get a receipt for my transaction. How can I obtain it?

22. How do I print a consolidated receipt report?

23. How can I receive confirmation that the payment for my parking space was accepted?

24. Is P$ Mobile Service a secure site when I use my credit card?

25. How does the time work?

26. Will I be informed of a change in the Terms of use?

27. How can I install the application on my iPad?

Problem Resolution

28. I am trying to create my online account, but the application mentions that "this account already exists". However, I never created my profile. What can I do?

29. Can Customer Service correct a remote transaction if I committed an error in entering my parking space number?

30. I paid for my parking space through your Web site or my smartphone but I received a parking ticket anyway. What should I do?

31. I haven't received my parking expiry alert by text or e-mail. What should I do?

32. My smartphone battery is dead. How can I pay for my parking space?

33. The payment for my transaction was not accepted. What can I do?

34. When I reply to text messages (SMS) sent by P$ Mobile Service, either to confirm my registration or renew my parking payment, I get a warning message that reads Unsent. In other words, I cannot reply by text messaging. What do I do?

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